Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Flying in World of Warcraft

My character in World of Warcraft has reached level 70 Death Knight. I am deeply disappointed that she is unable to fly in Northrend. Stupidly worded invitations to fly and oddly formed restrictions and naming conventions give confusion as to when you can fly, and at what speed.

Within world of Warcraft, we currently (August 2010) have two locations we can fly in, Outland (levels 58-68) and Northrend; (levels 68-80).The licence to fly in Outland is some 250 gold, not including the cost of the mount or racial discounts. There is but one speed, hereafter referred to as 'slow' flying.

As your character progresses and moves to Northrend, you soon learn your license to fly does not carry over from Outland, however, you do receive an invitation to purchase the Northrend Flying Skill at level 78. There are provisos here that I will come back to in a moment. If you purchase that skill at level 78, you will find you can fly in Northrend, and your mount speed that you paid for in Outland, carries over. You can now fly at slow speed in both zones.

If you wish, you can purchase or manufacture mounts capable of flying a lot faster, but they still perform at slow speed. Purchasing 'Cold Weather Flying' enables you to make the best use of mounts capable of flying at the faster speed. Slow speed mounts still perform at slow speed, but fast speed mounts now travel at 'fast' speed.

However, if you have a World of Warcraft character in Northrend, at level 80, you can purchase a skill book that is ‘account bound’, then pass this onto your lower character, and voila, they can then use their flying skill at level 70.

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