Thursday, 1 July 2010

World of Warcraft July 2010

It is going to be a remarkable exercise if I can blog about World of Warcraft without having a tantrum, venting or mindlessly castigating either Blizzards principles or the mindset of other players.

Blogging is easy, open your notepad and type away. Publish the good and the bad, the warts and the faux pas. A principle about as removed from journalism as is possible. I am hoping with my blog, to be at least a little constructive, to be reportive and to be aware of other peoples and other ideas. If I can be a little bit journo, then I will have accomplished something.

Typing World of Warcraft into for example, produces hundreds of posts from players of World of Warcraft all keen to express their view or showcase something that has happened to them. I hope that while they contribute in some way to the popularity of World of Warcraft, I can contribute in a thinking persons way and introduce a little humour and thought, a little constructive criticism and a little zany of-the-wall viewpoint in doing so.

This is post one, an introduction, and the most needed step; it starts my writing love affair with WoW without hopefully, losing non players in the process.

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